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Top Domains: ViSalus Dishes Out $825K To Buy “” & “”
However, in early January, Robin reported on the first big domain name purchase of 2012, which went to “,” bought by a Dubai-based social networking service provide called DUDU Communications. ...

VeriSign's Future Looks Stable With .com And .net Registries In The Bag
We currently estimate a 90% share of .com & .net domain names in our valuation of VeriSign. Domain name purchase and renewals The company recently renewed its agreement with ICANN which enabled it to ...

Amston, CT firm warns of July deadline. Google is going to make it harder to leave your website on a non-secure server. Solution offered.
Blarneystone will obtain the SSL certificate for website owners. This service includes certifying the owner of a domain name; purchase of a certificate; activation of the certificate; installation of ...

Largest known domain purchase of 2012? for $2.75M
When it was scooped up for $7.5 million in 1999, reigned as the most expensive domain name purchase ever. That is, until 2006, when was sold for a tidy $14 million. Last year’s mo...

How much Google paid the man who owned for exactly one minute
Last fall, we learned that a former Google employee named Sanmay Ved had managed to purchase the “” domain name for exactly one minute before Google realized what had happened and snatched i...

Website redirect has online surprise for district attorney’s potential campaign donors
She’s also trying to figure out which of Lobato’s supporters is behind the domain name purchase so she can thank them. Ravell said she’s shown the case to legal experts nationally who have agreed Loba...

Top 10 Online Freebies and Deals
With a $10-per-year domain name purchase (and some can be found cheaper), anyone who hasn't dipped their toes into reclaiming or parking their name online can do so without spending a penny more. Refe...

SnapNames Announces Partnership with Dnbiz, a Leading Chinese Domain Name Buying & Selling Marketplace
“We are excited to partner with Dnbiz, they offer the insight and experience needed to assist Chinese businesses in navigating domain name purchase options available through SnapNames technology and r...

Happy 10th Birthday Google! Well, Almost.
Google is the victor in the search engine war, and shows no signs of slowing down. While some are saying that September 15th, 2007 (tomorrow) is the search engine's 10th birthday, it is actually just ...

Keith Olbermann Isn’t Worried About the New, Unflattering Website in His Name
on Keith Olbermann’s cable show. That’s not to say that Olbermann is too upset about it — and why should he be, confident as he is that the domain-name purchase won’t stand up to legal scrutiny. “I ho...

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