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Disney’s Domain Name Purchase Hints at Possible Ant-Man Movie
The most interesting domain in the batch is a domain for an Ant-Man movie: ANT-MAN-THEMOVIE.COM. Now, this doesn’t confirm anything… but Disney doesn’t usually purchase domain names without reason. Looks like they are considering an Ant-Man movie.

Amston, CT firm warns of July deadline. Google discourages non-secure server sites.
Blarneystone will obtain the SSL certificate for website owners. This service includes certifying the owner of a domain name; purchase of a certificate; activation of the certificate; installation of the certificate; and instructions on updating the ...

Top Domains: ViSalus Dishes Out $825K To Buy “” & “”
However, in early January, Robin reported on the first big domain name purchase of 2012, which went to “,” bought by a Dubai-based social networking service provide called DUDU Communications. Today, we’ve learned that ViSalus Sciences ...

Daniel Kibblesmith, the Man Behind the Hilarious @GOPTeens, on Trolling Republicans and DMing Rand Paul
Flavorwire: First of all, where’d this idea come from? Daniel Kibblesmith: Like all great ideas, it came from an impulsive domain name purchase. I saw that was available and I thought the idea of someone like me having control of that was ...

VeriSign's Future Looks Stable With .com And .net Registries In The Bag
We currently estimate a 90% share of .com & .net domain names in our valuation of VeriSign. Domain name purchase and renewals The company recently renewed its agreement with ICANN which enabled it to retain the rights over the .com and .net domain names ...

Lucky Domain Owner Wins The Apple Lottery, Could Net $2 Million
Want to feel super jealous of someone who struck gold with a super lucky domain name purchase? Keep reading. Way back in 2004, an unnamed client of domain brokerage firm DNSR bought a URL: The plan for this domain, according to a DNSR rep ...

Largest known domain purchase of 2012? for $2.75M
When it was scooped up for $7.5 million in 1999, reigned as the most expensive domain name purchase ever. That is, until 2006, when was sold for a tidy $14 million. Last year’s most expensive domain sale?, which was ...

How much Google paid the man who owned for exactly one minute
Last fall, we learned that a former Google employee named Sanmay Ved had managed to purchase the “” domain name for exactly one minute before Google realized what had happened and snatched it back. Google on Thursday revealed exactly how much ...

Google debuts Reseller API for Google Apps, Drive and Vault
implemented the Reseller API as part of their existing domain name purchase process to make it easier for their web-based customers to sign up for Google Apps. If a customer opts-in for a Google Apps trial, they;re automatically set up in Megazone's ...

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