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Host your website for less than N250
HUB8 is a domain registration and web hosting provider that ... This new and improved web hosting plan is focused on not just making the cost of hosting a website relatively cheap, it is also packed with many features that are well tailored to fit the ...

Cheap Domain Registration Shows How the Web Hosting Industry has Evolved
Domain registration is a fairly new process, spanning back only as far as the early 1990’s. Any given domain registration company, or registrar, in existence today can lay claim to managing more than 100,000 domain names. Many, like Cheap Domain ...

Three Easy Ways to Create a Website: Step-by-step Beginner Guide
Search and register domain names at Name Cheap. Here are some reputable domain registrars to consider. A web host is a big computer (aka, server) that stores your websites. Some giant companies – like Amazon, IBM, and FB, own and manage their web servers ...

Cheap web hosting services to help you claim a spot on the internet
Here are 12 of the best (cheap) web hosting services for you to use this year ... and we'll break down what you need to know: The Hatchling: A single domain plan that includes one-click installs and unmetered bandwidth. That means you aren't charged ...

The Simplest and Cheapest Free Web Hosting Services
I don't need scripts, or web editors, or any of that. What is the best (and cheapest ... unlike a traditional web hosting service, there's no information on the space and bandwidth you receive. If you already have a domain name, you might want to check ...

5 Tips For Launching Your First Business Website
Next up – the website. Building and launching your first business ... How you want to portray yourself will have a big bearing on what comes next. Pick the right domain and hosting company The domain name is crucial – it needs to be short, sharp ...

Cheapest Way to Build a Website
It's up to you whether having the host's branding in your domain is acceptable. It's tough to beat the speed that a template-based service provides if you need to get a cheap website up quickly. In fact, you could have a basic site consisting of a few ...

Web host 123reg wipes hundreds of businesses off the face of the earth
Over the weekend, 123reg, known for providing cheap domain name registration and hosting, messed up. In what is being considered a mass deletion spree, an unspecified number of virtual private server (VPS) web hosting ... 123reg told ZDNet: "We suffered ...

Host Your Domain with Free Apps
Go for it. Do you have any tales of success or failure with free domain hosting? Got any domain registrar recommendations or free web hosting services you love? How do you host your domain for free or cheap? Tell us about it in the comments.

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