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Five Best Domain Name Registrars
We asked you which domain name registrars you thought were the best and stood above the others, and now we’re going to take a look at the top five. When you’re ready to take your data into your own ... free services like URL forwarding and email ...

The Feds' fatal failure: How Nikolas Cruz went undetected by the FBI while posting about being a 'professional school shooter' under his own name, sharing pics of his arsenal ...
That was after he called a local field agent, revealing that his initial attempts to send in a screengrab of the comment failed when the email address he found listed on the federal agency's website came back with a domain ... using his own name that ...

Best Email Hosting Services
Putting together your first email address at a domain you own is ... be able to use any POP or IMAP mail client, or login through webmail with 25GB of storage and 50MB attachments. You also get tools for keeping your email streamlined and free of spam.

Agencies Still Lag on Email Security One Month Past Deadline
At the Defense Department, for example, only two of 38 email domains were DMARC compliant as of last week, according to ValiMail data. A Homeland Security spokesman did not directly respond to a question about the lag in the department’s own DMARC ...

Indian IT firm enables email services in Thai
Earlier, 'DataMail' had launched free Russian language email address service for Russian and Indian citizens. The company has tied up with Web names Limited of ... Urdu and Bengali using the datamail.bharat domain in their respective scripts.

HOW TO: Create Your Own Customized Short URL
But now, Bitly makes it easy for the average Joe Blogger to create a custom short URL for free. You don't even need to own a site that gets about ... Once you've picked one out, purchase it using a site like or

How to Promote Your Mobile App for Free
Use the existing channels to the fullest The first step in the lean promotion strategy should be tapping into the channels you already own. Use the existing opportunities ... across your web channels. Similarly, email newsletters are a powerful channel ...

Google just paid $25 million to buy the entire '.app' web domain
the organization that controls the world's domain names, decided to expand the overall number of generic TLDs. Google applied for dozens at the time, including .docs, .android, .free, .fyi, .foo, and, of course, .app. ICANN has been gradually auctioning ...

How do you use Snapchat? How to change it back after the latest update and how to use filters, Snap Maps, trophies and streaks
There are currently more than 185 million people using ... s own version of instant messaging. Messages disappear after they are viewed and, like with pictures, your friend will be notified if you take a screen shot. Download the free app through Apple ...

Udemy Targets ‘Pirate’ Site Giving Away its Paid Courses For Free
Online learning platform Udemy is taking on, a site making available a wide range of paid courses and tutorials for free ... the domain, including but not limited to name(s), address(es), telephone number(s), email ...

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