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8 Brand Hacks To Help You Name Your Online Startup & Get Traffic
Simple methods to grow your brand by simply optimizing your name to gain more attention/traffic. These are not just ideas that ... Bonus — Can’t find a name? Recycle one! Expired domains! Yep, you’ll ...

Verisign Q3 2018 Domain Name Industry Brief: Internet Grows to 342.4 Million Domains in Q3 of 2018
Revenue is generated by monetizing expired domain names. Domain names no longer in use by the registrant or expired are taken back by the registry and the residual traffic is sold to advertising netwo...

Internet Grows to 342.4 Million Domain Name Registrations in the Third Quarter of 2018
Domain names no longer in use by the registrant or expired are taken back by the registry and the residual traffic is sold to advertising networks. As such, there are no deleted .tk domain names.

Dynadot Offers VeriSign’s Expired Domain Data Treasure Trove
Last year VeriSign quietly started offering its Internet Profile Service (IPS) to domain name registrars ... IPS also includes traffic data from the three months before the domain expired, a traffic s...

Six Continents Lets Valuable Domain Names Expire
It looks like a major hotel company let some valuable domain names expire, including the following names ... They could be used simply to forward any traffic to a specific local hotel or to the corpor...

That Domain You Forgot to Renew? Yeah, it’s Now Stealing Credit Cards
If you own a domain name that gets decent traffic and you fail to pay its annual renewal fee ... That’s because in June of this year the domain expired, and control over her site went to someone who p...

After FBI domain expires, seized serves up porn
the domain which in turn hosted Web and name servers used to redirect traffic headed to seized domains. As soon as they expired, they were snatched up in a GoDaddy auction by a self-described "black h...

GoDaddy expired domain name auctions now guarantee delivery but you still have to wait 7 days
Type any expired domain name you are bidding on and you will be redirected to a blank white page with a url that looks like this: http://www.*****.***/RVjQZ/. The webpage only has a javascript that is ...

Cyber criminals snap up expired domains to serve malicious ads
(Reuters) - Expired domain names are becoming the latest route for cyber criminals ... Buying the domain of a small but legitimate ad company provided the criminals with high quality traffic from popu...

Dell forgot to renew the domain it uses for PC backups
(Loooooooooong name, isn’t it? Kind of asking for trouble ... that specializes in selling what appears to be typosquatting traffic. Team Internet also appears to be tied to a domain monetization busin...

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