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Verisign Announces קום. Domain Names are Available for General Registration
Verisign is pleased to announce that קום., the new, Verisign-operated, internationalized domain name (IDN) extension that is uniquely designed for Hebrew language speakers, is now open for the registr...

Internet domain names in Malayalam soon
Apart from the commonly used domain extensions such ‘.com’, ‘.in’ and ‘.org’, there are top-level domains, that reflect brand names with suffixes such as ‘’ or ‘ ...

Avoid Becoming Another Hacking Statistic: A Primer on Foreign Domain Extensions
Always remember to carefully check the name and domain extension of the sender of any email you receive. Treat any email with a foreign domain extension that does not match the sender's last known loc...

One Thing I Look at When Bidding in a Domain Auction
The keyphrase of the domain name in auction has has one extension registered while the comparable name has 5 of the most popular extensions registered. If I would win the auction and price the domain ...

Verisign's Attempt to Increase its Fees Still Unjustified Despite Diversionary Tactic
[9] The owners of other name spaces, in particular, the authorities in charge of certain national domain name (ccTLD) extensions, are not shackled by a one-sided agreement that gives one company the r...

More Than 20 Domain Registrars, Including GoDaddy Offering .realestate
“The real estate industry is always striving to innovate, and domain name extensions are no exception,” said Second Generation President Matthew Embrescia. “Second Generation has been a part ...

Uniregistry Calls for Domain Name 'Bill of Rights' in the Wake of Call for Universal Web Contract
We sell domain names in new extensions as well as the classics. This full-service model allows us to provide customers with an easier, more exciting experience. Uniregistry also provides a full spectr...

A Taking by Any Other Name Still Smells Rotten
Much to its irritation, the beach property was already owed by many other people, as natural extensions of their homes. Indiana could have used its power of eminent domain to pay for ... is a taking b...

Ipswich Council calls time on Orion Lagoon in name search
The Ipswich City Council is looking for a new name for the highly popular lagoon swimming pool at Robelle Domain parklands at Springfield ... the meantime the council would enter into a short-term ext...

Google Launches Another Site on a Non-.Google New gTLD
Some people look at Google for best practices, and they could think something along the lines of “if Google can use a new extension for its website, so can I.” According to, there are ju...

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