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Domain name sinkholes and those funky domain registrations
It reminded me of times I’ve seen companies (notably Microsoft) register a bunch of nonsensical domain names. Why would a company register a lot of domains with random digits and letters? The answer i...

Nigeria’s Active Domain Names Rises To 125,814
There were 5,161 newly registered domain names as against the 4,274 registrations done at the same time in 2017. Altogether, there were 105,508 active domain names at the third level and another ...

Nigeria’s .ng domain grows by 22% in eight months
The registration of Nigerian domain name, .ng country code top-level domain, grew by 22 per cent in eight months to reach 125,814 in August 2018. Analyses of the latest data obtained from the ...

"Seven Dirty Words" Restriction Policy Lifted from .US Domain Name Registrations
The domain name registered by Mr. Rubin was suspended by Neustar calling it a violation of an NTIA "seven dirty words" policy — "a phrase with particular First Amendment significance," said EFF. Cyber...

Domain Name Commission wins first step in lawsuit
This means people can now withhold their address and phone number from publicly appearing in the online registration data search. More than 20,000 domain names have already taken up the privacy option ...

Verisign files patent application for IDN domain searches
An IDN is a domain name that includes at least one non-ASCII character. Many top level domain names allow people to register domain names in languages with non-ASCII character sets, such as Arabic, Ja...

NZ Domain Name Commission wins injunction against Domain Tools
... Commission mandated a privacy option for all .nz domain name holders not in trade - this allowed people to withhold their address and phone number from publicly appearing in the online registratio...

Nigeria’s .ng domain registration increases to 125,814 in August
Nigerians have continued to show interest in the country’s domain name, ng country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD). The development pushed the number of registration in the country’s domain name to 125, ...

Respondent Had Rights or Legitimate Interests in Domain Name by Using It to Promote Genuine Business
The Panel also found that it was clear that there is no relationship between the Complainant and the Respondent and that the Complainant has not authorized the Respondent's use of its trademark AVON o...

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