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Gumwand Inc. files lawsuit to get domain name
It filed an in rem case there on August 9. If the court enters a default judgment, it can order Verisign to transfer the domain name. One thing perplexing about this case is that was regis...

The Guy Who Robbed Someone at Gunpoint for a Domain Name Is Getting 20 Years in Jail
Last June, Hopkins broke into the home of 26 year-old Ethan Deyo in Cedar Rapids, Iowa one afternoon and demanded that Deyo to log on to his computer to transfer the domain name for “” ...

Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Trying to Steal a Domain Name at Gunpoint
Hopkins pointed his gun at Deyo’s head, handed him a piece of paper with directions on how to transfer a domain name from one GoDaddy account to another, and demanded he follow the instructions provid...

Namecheap users rage at domain transfer pain, but their supplier Enom blames... er, GDPR?
Domain registrar Namecheap has admitted that some of its customers have been unable transfer and register web domains ... Any reputable domain registrar should be able to deal with UK domain names. Wh...

Complaint: Cedar Rapids Fairway Terrace break-in was over internet domain name dispute
“(Hopkins) then forced Deyo to log on to his computer and tried to coerce Deyo to transfer a domain name to a third party,” the complaint states. The complaint does not identify the third party. Cedar ...

HOW TO: Move Your Domain Name Account
Unfortunately, the process for moving a domain name from one registrar to another is way more complicated than it should be. We wanted to help shine a light on the domain transfer process. Although th...

Authorities advise foreign companies to transfer website domain names
Authorities advised that foreign companies would do well to transfer the domain names of their websites to Chinese registers to meet the terms of a newly released draft regulation on Internet domain n...

Nintendo sues two websites for distributing ROMs of its games
Nintendo requested as part of its lawsuit that the two websites transfer their domain names into Nintendo’s control, and that they identify those who originally provided them with the unauthorized cop...

Managing Your Files on MAC Commander One Is the Best Solution
You can connect too many FTP servers at a time due to its dual panel interface and you can transfer all your data from one MAC ... enter the IP address of your server or domain name in the server. Aft...

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